Document automation

Programming standard text which complies with case-specific and environment-specific requirements and linking it to complex database systems is one of our core competencies. For more than ten years, we have been developing and programming highly efficient text systems and integration platforms, including functions for interactive collaboration, document, knowledge, and workflow management. Our text processing systems are modular and therefore easy to expand. They offer a variety of practice-oriented interface elements so the user can design his experience. Our employees have years of experience in the fields of textual programming (XML), administration for preprints and standards, text automation and automated correspondence as well as in customizing preprinted text. Regardless of the tools, methods and approaches used, we create case-specific standard text elements which combine stored information (for example in a database) and user input. As a result, documents are created that fit the specific corporate design.

During the analysis and concept phase, we match the client’s functional requirements with the technical possibilities. In-depth knowledge and an understanding of internal work is often necessary – that’s the only way to "translate" functional requirements and technical descriptions. From the beginning, we place great emphasis on user friendliness to ensure a high level of acceptance by the end user. In the field of form programming, our staff has special experience in programming customer-specific texts that exceed common standards like header, footer or corporate design (for example for judiciary decisions or verdicts).