Migration management Migration SUN / NAS

The topic data migration is very substantial. For the infrastructure, data migration is a crucial process, for which a separate project has to be set up. Errors could cause stalled operations, entailing productivity losses that can result in financial damage, a loss of customer confidence and reputation. At worst, data loss or data damage can have serious consequences. That’s why accurate planning for successful data transfer is indispensable for our migration experts. Only in this way can the risks of performance losses, technical incompatibilities, and data corruption be reduced while the duration of the migration process is cut to a minimum. A migration plan contains all project-related information: what data will be migrated when, how, by whom and in what timeframe.

Additionally, all communication interfaces, contact persons, responsible administrators and the planned formalism for the migration are documented. In the planning phase, our experts develop an evaluation of the situation, a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and draft the migration plan. In the implementation phase their focus is on creating the target system and testing and validating the migration.