Quality management

For us, quality is the key to client satisfaction so it plays a major role in all our work. Deficiencies in quality management (QM) can cause additional efforts at a later time – our aim is to avoid that. Our Quality Management is based on the guidelines of the V-Modell. It includes several measures which can be classified in sum as constructive QM (preventive measures) and analytical QM (examination of software before delivery). With consistent QM, we aim to comply with standards and framework conditions, resolve unnecessary complexities and enhance application performance. We determine the quality requirements in a verifiable form and define measures to monitor and control the development process.

Our employees have years of experience in QM – whether in integration testing, code reviews, the two-man rule or an inspection protocol – so they succeed in significantly decreasing error count and frequency. At the same time, we attach importance to the organizational and socio-physiological measures of QM both to optimize cooperation and communication between our clients and our teams and to enable a constructive, positive and sustainably stable working atmosphere.