Managing client data successfully

More than 1,500 users all around Germany confirm an easy and intuitive solution

With the software solutions dvhaus:sozial and dvhaus:jugend, dvhaus is setting the standard in user-friendliness and value for money. Our client software is demonstrably one of the most user-friendly applications in the social work field.

Our programmers developed dvhaus:sozial and dvhaus:jugend to meet the requirements of social

workers and supervisors without much experience in working with computers and software.

The result is an application that can be handled safely and with pleasure by any user after a one-day training session.

All advantages at a glance:

Seal of approval by AG STADO >>mehr

dvhaus:sozial is one of the first solutions for client data management to receive a seal of approval from the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik und Dokumentation auf Bundesebene für die Hilfen in besonderen Lebenslagen und vergleichbare Hilfearten". This enables your institution to participate in collecting statistically relevant data across Germany at the push of a button.

Link: BAG-W Seite

Flexible management of client data >>mehr

How much data do you want to record per client – 10, 100, 1000pieces of information? As a user of our client software, you can specify the amount of data per client and customize the input fields.

Almost every input mask in dvhaus:sozial and dvhaus:jugend can be customized to meet your institution’s needs. With a mouse click, menu-guided—without expending any programming resources!

· For any quantity of client data
· Input fields customizable
· Create input masks for yourself

Complete process documentation >>mehr

Document the work with your clients quickly and completely by using freely definable drop-down fields, integrated Word memos or simply by clicking checkboxes. Handle complex workflows, multi-dimensional work processes, major and minor steps in executing individual plans by making just a few entries. Our client software subsequently provides relevant graphs and statistics.

· Document complex workflows, processes and work steps in a simple manner
· The software adapts to your organization - not the other way around
· Processes can be filtered and analysed however you like

Unlimited statistics >>mehr

All data collected by our client software can be freely combined and evaluated (state and federal statistics, your own statistics). Our users create these statistics easily and intuitively – menu-based with just a few mouse clicks.

· No expensive programming
· New statistics can be created at any time
· Existing statistics changeable at any time
· Get results at the push of a butto

Individual accounting modules >>mehr

There are probably no two social work institutions that handle their accounting in the same way. That is why we designed our client software so that individual accounting modules are enabled without much effort. The creation of these tailored solutions usually takes an average of no more than four to six work days, including interfaces to the existing accounting and booking systems.

· Tailor-made accounting modules according to client requirements
· Full functionality, no accounting compromises

Unlimited network capability >>mehr

Our client software is operated either on an individual workstation, directly linked with other PCs (no additional server needed) or as a client-server solution. Through simple terminal-to-server connections, field offices can easily be integrated into local or distributed networks.

· Version for individual workstations
· Server license for local or shared networks
· Field offices and home offices to be integrated via terminal-to-server connection

Easy assignment of permissions >>mehr

Data and network security are the be-all and end-all of software. Here you need only a simple mouse click to grant individual permissions to users. Read-only, write-only, only specific functions, view only defined client groups, or access to the entire program? Three clicks, and the software knows who may do what.

· Assign permission with a mouse click
· Permissions can be changed at any time (administrator function)

100 percent integration of Word and Excel >>mehr

All mask content can be exported to Word or Excel by the push of a button. In this way, our client software provides its data—filterable and customizable as you wish—as a Microsoft document.

· Full integration with Microsoft Word and Excel
· All data can be exported from every mask
· Exports can be filtered and output in any format desired