Managing client data successfully

More than 1,500 users across Germany confirm an easy and intuitive solution

Katholisches Jugendsozialwerk München e. V.
Sixtus Kirchhof, Telefon +49 89 14727990

"How did dvhaus:jugend convince us? It’s a program that is easy to use and can be adapted to our desires for evaluation. After just a one-day training sessions all employees were able to work with the new client software."

Caritasverband Baden-Baden
Jürgen Häuser, Telefon +49 7221 18340-12

"Following some years of work with EBIS, we switched to dvhaus:sozial in 2002 and we have been enjoying quick, professional support since then."

Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e. V. München
Elke Prumbach, Telefon +49 89 2737169-25

"Amazing how easy a tailor-made accounting module suiting our needs can be integrated into dvhaus:sozial. We have been saving immense amounts of time by using it since 2006."

Verein für Innere Mission Bremen
Axel Schröter, Telefon +49 421 36189552

"In 2003, we installed dvhaus:sozial on no fewer than 35 decentralized work stations and connected it to our central database via terminal servers. Most important for us: hotline, support and flexibility are exemplary."

Caritasverband für Stuttgart e. V.
Manfred Blocher, Telefon +49 711 21069-28

"After several years of screening, we opted in favor of dvhaus:sozial in 2005 and have been working with more than 80 end-users since then. It’s a pity that we didn’t choose dvhaus earlier."

Katholischer Männerfürsorgeverein München
Gerhard Baier, Telefon +49 89 62502-10

"Finally, statistics that I can create as required and at the push of a button! This was my great desire - and it was fulfilled in 2001 when we started using dvhaus:sozial. In the meantime, at our association we have more than 150 satisfied users working with dvhaus."